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Valeo Purchasing Strategy
In order to give Valeo's strategy a truly competitive edge, the role of its Purchasing Department is to reduce costs by sourcing from only the most competitive suppliers, to implement extremely rigorous selection processes for new suppliers, to apply the total quality and innovation approach to suppliers and subcontractors, and to establish close partnerships with the most innovative and best performing suppliers.
Message from Valeo Supplier Quality Director
S2 2016 : StEDE acceleration

Dear supplier partners,

During the 1st semester of 2016 we have continued to deploy several tools meant to


StEDE toolbox, SD&P ( Suppliers Development & Prevention ) and RSQ ( Recover Supplier Quality ) programs and SQA key roles as

I am happy to report that in Q2 2016 we have been able to reduce by 9% the IPB level at group level and 91% of our 4700 suppliers sites have achieved
0 IPB at end of June
with a Group monthly average consumption close to 3 Billion units.
The suppliers that have been enrolled in the new RSQ programs have reduced in average their IPB level by 16% in Q2.

CONGRATULATIONS to our supplier partners and to our SQA team members.

Unfortunately, our Valeo sites were still impacted in S1 by uncontrolled / unapproved product / process changes and lack of suppliers shop floor control.
Our Projects Teams were also impacted by the UIS ( Unqualified Initial Samples ) that reached an unbearable level of 1032 at end of June.

Therefore in S2 2016 we will accelerate the deployment of StEDE and upgrade our StEDE PDCA format to identify with you the
PQA PROCESS ROOT CAUSES for each Incident and Late Initial Samples
We will also give you access to a new module in SRM dedicated to ECR / DEVIATION MANAGEMENT to prevent unapproved Product / Process changes.
Our new SUPPLIER QUALITY MANUAL will synthesize all these improvements.

Looking forward to continue to help you improve towards EXCELLENCE.

Didier DIMUR - Valeo Group Supplier Quality Director - JULY 2016

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For Your Information : For those who wants to know more about QRQC - a book has been written.
"Perfect qrqc (quick response quality control) - The basics" - ISBN 9782840017103 - Maxima Edition[english-edition].html
Valeo Suppliers Portal is part of Valeo's e-business e@SI program. The Portal allows closer collaboration between Valeo and its Suppliers. 3 modules are available:

Incident Management System (IMS)
Our incident tracking system to structure, rationalize and quicken the pace of the incident solving process, using Valeo's standard QRQC methodology.

Product Quality Assurance (PQA)
Product Quality Assurance is developed commonly by Valeo and the Supplier(s) selected to produce a part. This module helps managing the planning and keeps track of all documents exchanged during this process. After login, the Supplier Quality Manual latest version SQM 2104 rev. 10.1 can be found on section "Reference Documents".

Yearly Initial Samples (YIS)
Respecting ISO/TS standard, this module follows the continuous conformance of the product and manufacturing processes and the compliance with customer requirements.
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